Outer Island Air Quality Monitoring

A PerkinElmer ELM Air Quality Monitoring System was installed on Outer Island in October 2015. This ELM air quality monitoring system gathers information on atmospheric temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and noise. A complete description of the ELM system may be accessed here: PerkinElmer ELM Brochure (PDF).

Location of the ELM on the laboratory

Close-up of the installed system

ELM is designed to monitor outdoor air quality using a range of dedicated nano-technology sensors. ELM measures local pollutant levels in real time, wirelessly transmitting the data to a cloud-based system for storage, analysis and processing. To access the daily air quality data from the ELM system on Outer Island, use the following URL: www.outerisland.org/elm. To view the entire global PerkinElmer ELM network, visit: http://elm.perkinelmer.com/map/

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